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The Salad Festival features both Brazilian and American specialties, providing a fusion of distinct flavors, textures and colors. Festival selections include hearts of palm, shrimp, seasonal fruit selections, fresh mozzarella, quail eggs and many other items.


Come to Heaven’s Taste, where a dining experience rich in flavor and heritage awaits you. The Brazilian tradition of grilling, or CHURRASCO (shoe-HAS-ko), is a fusion of South American and European cultures.

Brazilian Buffet

Hot selections such as seasoned rice, pastas, potatoes, stroganoff, feijoada (a traditional black bean stew) are also available.


Caldo de Cana

Unless you grew up in Miami you might find it strange to hear that Brazilians drink sugar cane juice. Chilled caldo de cana or suco de cana is delicious on ...



Made-to order salads and sandwiches are offered, served on crispy Brazilian rolls full of texture and flavor. Fresh squeezed juices and smoothies are also a must-try.



This is the national dish of Brazil. It is traditionally served on a Saturday and it is a festive meal to share with family and friends.